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Aims & Objectives

The wider objective of the project is to support the structural reform of the higher education system in Jordan, develop a qualifications framework for higher education in line with national priorities, and implement at different institutional levels.

NQF-J shall provide a QF for higher education for implementation at institutional level and, importantly, set up the basis  for a comprehensive NQF, and thus endeavours to  establish an NQF model that identifies the generic expectations of all levels of higher educational programmes. These will be expressed as learning outcomes, mainly based on knowledge, skills and competences. The standards of qualifications at each level will be created and established through a number of activities in which descriptors will be determined, along with appropriate QA processes, by all stakeholders in higher education. The methodology for setting and assuring the qualification standards will be disseminated among academic institutions, government agencies responsible for QA and accreditation, and a wide spectrum of stakeholders.  The project will clearly demonstrate the standards of Jordanian higher education awards and their national comparability. Additionally, through rigorous comparison with other national QFs, the project will demonstrate comparability of Jordanian higher education wider awards with international norms and expectations, thus supporting mobility and employability.

Specific Objectives

  • Strengthen and support national and institutional capacities for developing a national qualification framework in HE,

  • Create a model for a Jordanian national qualification framework and the develop statements at sectorial levels based on learning outcomes,

  • Build the capacity of higher education institutions to produce and assess learning outcomes that are based on descriptors related to different educational disciplines,

  • Pilot the new national qualification framework at partner universities,

  • Implement the national qualification framework within the higher education sector at the level of study programs,

  • Self-certificate the higher education levels of the national qualification framework against the European framework.

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