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Coordination meetings

On NQF-J Kick off meeting a Project Management Team (PMT) was set up. This team is chaired by UB and composed of representative from HEAC, PSUT, ANECA,  UCC and ENQA.

During the development of NQF-J project, the PMT gathered several times to coordinate the project activities and outcomes.

In order to discuss specific problems related to NQF-J development, PMT delegates into a smaller group, composed by PMT members.

 These meetings are known as Coordination Meetings.  

European/ Jordanian partners Meetings

  • The first Coordination meeting was held in Brussels on EACEA facilities on January 27th 2016.

  • The second Coordination meeting was held in Barcelona on November 14th 2016.  

  • The third Coordination meeting was also held in Barcelona on January 24th 2017.

  • The last Coordination meeting took place in Madrid at ANECA facilities on July 11th 2017.

Jordanian partners Meetings

These meetings were set up in order to organize the purchase of the equipment and to prepare the grant justification process.

  • The first meeting was held by PSUT in Amman on January 22 2019

  • The second meeting was on January 24 2019 and it was held by YU in Amman.

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