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Study Visit Cork, Ireland

A new learning opportunity

The visit took place on 26-28th September, 2018 in Cork. UCC will jointly organised the visit with the project’s coordinators, the University of Barcelona (UB). 


The main goals of the Study Visit to UCC was to provide a tailored learning opportunity for participants to explore: 

  • Capacity building at University level around ‘modularisation’ and the implementation of the NQF using UCC’s institutional approach as a case-study; 

  • Designing an institutional system to facilitate the development of a teaching, learning and assessment culture to underpin curricular approaches required for successful implementation of the NFQ; 

  • Creating technical capacity and academic leadership across academic levels and departmental units for programme development/transformation based on a learning outcomes-based approach. 

  • During the course of the Study Visit, participants engaged with UCC staff in a series of collegial seminars, discussions and case-studies to explore these goals.

You can find the agenda on the following link.


Album of the meeting

Documents and presentations

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