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Work packages 

Work Package 1: Scoping and Mapping Existing Qualifications Practices in Jordanian Higher Education

WP1 will focus on project scoping and mapping of existing qualifications practices in Jordan during which a set of key questions shall be asked which include defining existing qualifications, learning outcomes, and implementation in domains of knowledge, skills and competence.

DEV  1.1     Steering Committee

DEV  1.2     Key Stakeholders Involvement

DEV  1.3     Identification of HE Discipline Experts

DEV  1.4     Study Visits to Europe

DEV  1.5     Integration Group

DEV  1.6     Expert Groups’ Roundtable

DEV  1.7     Report on Development of NQF

DEV  1.8     National Conference on NQF Development

DEV  1.9     White Paper and Road Map

Work Package 2: Development of National Qualification Framework

WP2 will focus on the detailed development and creation of NQF-J. The result will be based on successful cooperation between EU higher education institutions and QA agencies and Jordanian partners.

DEV  2.1     Development of Qualification Descriptors

DEV  2.2     Development of Guidelines for Good Practice Application of the NQF-J.

DEV  2.3     Development of HE Discipline/Sector Statements for Bachelors,  Masters and PhD Levels

DEV  2.4     Consultation Process

DEV  2.5     Review of Guidelines and Associated Sector Statements

DEV  2.6     Documents on NQF-J Piloting (NQF developed by the JO Gov -HEAC and Ministry with the support of NQF.  Base document to inform the pilots.). DOC ONLY IN ARABIC

Work Package 3: Piloting of the Draft NQF

WP3 will focus on the testing and piloting of the draft NQF-J and its associated documents.

DEV  3.1     Pilot Working Groups

DEV  3.2     Piloting of NQF-J in HE  

DEV  3.3     Piloting by PWG-S: Sectorial-Employers and Stakeholders

DEV  3.4     Piloting by PWG-VET: Vocational Education and Training

DEV  3.5     Compatibility of NQF-J Documents with Jordanian Legal Requirements

DEV  3.6     Review of Pilot Working Groups Reports

DEV 3.6 bis General outcomes from Pilots

Work Package 4: Compatibility of NQF-J with International NQFs

NQF-J will be designed to support the higher education system in Jordan in clearly demonstrating both the attributes of its graduates and the international comparability of its degrees.

DEV  4.1     Compatibility/Self-Certification Committee

DEV  4.2     Compatibility/Self-Certification Exercises

DEV  4.3     Report on Self-Certification and Compatibility of NQF-J with the FQ-EHEA and with the EQF 

Work Package 5: Training Human Resources and Capacity Building

The aim of WP5 is to develop a capacity building and staff development programme in development and administrating NQFs.

DEV  5.1     Development of Capacity Building Programme

DEV  5.2     Training on NQF Management  

DEV  5.3     Training in ICT, Virtual Platforms and e-Tools Skills Development

DEV  5.4     NQF Supporting Infrastructures

DEV  5.5     Home Training  Sessions

Work Package 6: Quality Control and Monitoring

WP6 focuses on quality control and monitoring of project activities and results.

DEV  6.1     Quality Committee

DEV  6.2     Quality Assurance Plan

DEV  6.3     External Evaluation

DEV  6.4     External Evaluation Reports

Work Package 7: Dissemination and Sustainability

WP7 focuses on both in the general outreach of the project and in generating multiplying effects among the partnership and the partner countries innovation and research communities.

DEV  7.1     Dissemination and Sustainability Committee

DEV  7.2     Dissemination Plan and Sustainability Strategy

DEV  7.3     Project Website, Intranet and Maintenance

DEV  7.4     Networking Events

DEV  7.5     Final Dissemination Conference

Work Package 8: Management

The main assumption is that all partners can work harmoniously together and the partnership can be well organized and that all partners are going to be involved in the project activities.  The management of the project has been structured as a collective task while emphasizing, at the same time, individual responsibilities.

DEV  8.1     Kick off Meeting

DEV  8.2     Project Management Team

DEV  8.3     Financial and Administrative Management

DEV  8.4     Production of Intermediate and Final Reports

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